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  • What We Do

    Professional outsourced digital marketing with monthly module plans to make your life easier!

    Ruth Kirby

    Website Creation with The Website Atelier

    Get a NEW Mobile Optimized, Clean, Fresh Hip, Beautiful Templates

    • Mobile and SEO Optimized
    • Very easy to edit
    • Dozens of full editable templates for many purposes
    • Gorgeous Photos
    • Free Domain Name or Use your Custom Domain
    • Blog & Store included, plus Opt-in email integration
    • Hosting and Builder Platform included
    • Top Site Builder Platform Strikingly
    • Stats and Analytics Included
    • Training on using the interface to do all the edits and updates you want

    Module 1 - Email Marketing

    Attract New Customers and Keep Loyal Fans

    • Integrate the best email platform for your site's needs
    • Create beautiful email and promotional mailing templates 
    • Develop Opt-in offers, sales offers, promotions, and funnels
    • List Building and Segmentation
    • Automation and drips
    • Integrate with Social Media and Events 

    Module 2 - Social Media Distribution

    Increase visibility, engagement and desired actions

    • Increase social media engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & more
    • Develop or enhance a Business Facebook page
    • Utilize a full array of Facebook tactics that target your prospective customers, engage and deliver customers or leads
    • Building reputation tactics through blogging
    • Reporting on stats & activity
    • Develop a YouTube channel if relevant to your business

    Module 3 - Website Updates/Blog Management

    Keeping your Website Fresh, Update Offerings, Blog Post Management

    • Requested Website Updates and New Content
    • Blog uploads (not the content writing)
    • Updating Opt-In offers
    • Tying in website & blog content to social media & email marketing

    Module 4 - Video Services

    Video Engagement and Monetization 

    • Video Editing - cuts, inserts, effects
    • Create and add Intro and An Outro – content to be determined
    • Format the Facebook lives into YouTube format and add to channel
    • Create a YouTube Channel and Playlists
    • Music, special effects, green screens

    Module 5 - Search Engine Optimization

    Current techniques for achieving higher search listing ranking

    • Research Top Keywords Finalization and Placement
    • Best SEO Title for your web site pages
    • Meta Description  & Tags Optimization
    • Image Alt and H1,H2 tags
    • Creation of Robots.txt file
    • XML sitemap creation
    • Manually submit to Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Module 6 - eCommerce Sales Optimization

    Better Optimized Websites + Higher Conversions = More Profit

    • Website design modifications for buying optimization
    • Tactics to increase visitor to buyer ratio (conversion rate)
    • Create valuable Opt-in email widget
    • Reducing barriers to purchase
    • Upselling at the shopping cart
    • Reduce lost sales from cart & site abandonment
    • Strategies to increase margins and boost profits
    • Monthly Analysis of all KPI's Key Performance Indicators 

    Module 7 - Affiliate Marketing

    Development & Management of a virtual sales force

    • Determining Viability
    • Choosing best tracking system
    • Developing Program Terms and Features
    • Platform integration and Setup
    • Affiliate Recruitment
    • Motivating and managing affiliate relationships 
  • What Our Clients Say

    We love our clients and enjoy building new websites, and then getting them more traffic and sales!

    Virgle Osborne

    Owner, Twin Peaks Offroad

    "TDMD has taken our small business to new heights with increased sales of more than 20% in just 6 months! Savana works hard for us and comes up with new ideas that we would have never imagined without her."



    Susan Glavin

    Modern Day Mastery and Inspirational Speaker/Teacher

    "I can’t remember the last time I worked with someone who has Savana Rose's integrity and work ethic. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to keeping her word, crystal clear communications and always being a step ahead of the game!

    She is my go to person for all my website, online marketing, editing and creative projects…she is my new business earth angel!


    John Autin - Rabadash

    Piano Entertainer, Music Booking Agent

    "Savana, thank you for making me look amazing. Look what a friend just wrote to me: 'Your website looks amazing John. You always say that you are amazed by what I am doing but you are the amazing one my brother!'

    I also love how much more visibility we have on our Facebook page and the kudos we are getting from our newsletters. Thank you!

    (2 websites and marketing)



    Will T. Wilkinson

    Visionary, Author, Coach

    "Savana is a marketer the way some doctors are healers. It’s in her blood. She’s guided me to understand social media marketing and adjust my offerings for enhanced results but, more than that, she’s helped me “grok” both the bigger picture of what I’m doing and the on-the-ground strategies for reaching my market. Plus, she’s fun to work with. In a field littered with wannabes, Savana is the real deal. What a treasure to have her on my team!"



    Rene Durazzo

    Owner, All In Strategies

    "Savana completely opened up my thinking about how to market and position my business and its making a huge difference. She's also a pleasure to work with."

    (marketing, not the site)


  • Who We Are

    A team of highly skilled digital marketers in various specialties to meet your specific needs

    Savana Rose (Linda) Woods

    Internet Marketing Veteran, Website Designer and Leader of the Pack

    Savana Rose (who used to be called Linda) has spent over 19 years delivering a wide variety of internet marketing strategies to small retail businesses all the way up to huge global corporations like eBay, as both a consultant and agency owner. If you sell something online, products or services, large or small, she can determine exactly what set of marketing tactics is the right overall strategy for your company to increase sales and boost profits. Also, she is the founder of Authenticity Marketing for custom coaching and solutions and The Digital Marketing Director is a division of Authenticity Marketing.


    By determining first if your website is current, hip and effective, then which online marketing methods will work best for your business, a Monthly Plan consisting of the right modules for your business is created. Then, under Savana's expert direction, the magic starts happening for your business.


    The team is a diverse group of experts all over the world that each handle various specialties depending on what the clients needs are. We can provide content development, social media optimization, email marketing & list building, SEO, site design, offer development, video marketing, webinar and course development, affiliate marketing and much more. If you need it, we can do it!

  • Monthly Marketing Menu

    Choose the Monthly Management Modules that

    Suit your Digital Marketing Needs:

    1. Email Marketing
    2. Social Media Distribution
    3. Search Engine Optimization
    4. e-Commerce & Website Optimization
    5. Video Marketing (add $300 setup for developing Courses & Webinars) 
    6. Affiliate Marketing (stand alone module - $1000 Set Up/ $1500/mo management + network costs)

    Plus one time SetUp Fee: $95 for 1 module and $195 for 2 or more combinations of modules you choose. Prices do not reflect costs for 3rd party platforms needed to implement. (i.e. Strikingly, Constant Contact, NewKajabi, Affiliate Tracking Network, etc)

    A. Basic - 1 Module: $300/mo

    B. Uplevel - 3 Modules: $500/mo

    C. Advanced - 4 Modules or custom: $800/mo

    D. Comprehensive - 4 or more Modules - Custom - $1000/mo

    Starting at only $800 for 6 sections: Main, What We Do, Services or Products, About Us, Contact Us, Blog or Other as needed. (Training & Free domain included but hosting & platform are extra starting at $97/year) $295 Set up fee is waived. Additional features can be added like E-Commerce Store, Booking & Payment platform, Blog to eBook service, professional Bio written for About Us section.


    Consultation Only on any of the above

    $195 for 2 hours by phone or Zoom in 1 or 2 sessions

    • Online Business Strategy
    • Brainstorming Promotions
    • Website Evaluations
    • Stuck in a rut?
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    Feel free to email me and PM me on Facebook or Call me directly

    Facebook: AuthenticityMarketing/TDMD

    Email: savana@authenticitymarketing.com

    Phone: 541-601-4201

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